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Reporting Services

One reason for considering a data warehouse development is to simplify the generation of reports from your existing data. You may have many separate databases to report on and most likely they are the databases that sit behind your day-to-day operational systems. These databases will have been designed for OLTP (Online Transaction Processing) so that individual transactions can be handled as quickly and efficiently as possible – not for reporting - and will probably have a complex structure. You may also be concerned that running reports against these databases will impact the performance of your operational systems – which it probably will.

SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) provides a powerful reporting environment that supports a variety of data sources, including relational databases and multidimensional data (from Analysis Services cubes). We have used Reporting Services to build very complex reports, combining multiple queries into a single report and extending the functionality of reports through internal code and registered assemblies where necessary.

The Report Builder tool provided by Reporting Services can be used by end users, but this is both limited in functionality and dependant on a good Report Model having been produced that makes sense to potential users.

We can help design and build reports, advise on query design and performance and help you tap into the more advanced features, such as scheduling and application integration.